Economic Development

The Carvel Property Development will bring a substantial amount of vitality and economic activity to the area, benefitting residents, local business owners, and taxing jurisdictions.

  • Tax Revenue: CPD will generate substantial annual tax revenues to the Towns of Pine Plains and Milan and to Dutchess County. Because the project’s roads and utilities will be privately owned and maintained, these revenues will be well in excess of the cost of providing services to the Project. CPD will also generate substantial annual tax revenues to the Pine Plains Central School District while generating few school-age children.
  • Jobs: During the eight year build-out period, CPD will create a significant number of construction jobs, and construction expenditures will be a major benefit to local suppliers. In the long term, CPD will generate on-going business for local tradespersons such as plumbers, electricians, contractors, and landscapers, as well as creating permanent full and part-time management and service operational jobs on the Project site, at the facility at 2290 Route 199, and at local stores, restaurants and businesses that support the Project.
  • Economic Activity: CPD residents will purchase many goods and services locally, increasing sales revenue for local businesses and enhancing employment of the local workforce. The Spruce Farm Chautauqua and public trail will stimulate community activities and will attract visitors who will be likely to patronize local businesses.