Ham Brook Trail System

  • Proposed 4.3 mile Ham Brook Trail System within Carvel Property Development’s open space area. This publicly-accessible hiking trail will pass through or near a variety of ecological settings, including woodland, wetlands, open meadows, and agricultural land.
  • The Ham Brook Trail System will be marked with sign posts indicating natural features, habitats and species of interest. 
  • The proposed trail runs approximately parallel to Route 199 and extends from the Pine Plains residential hamlet district to the Lafayetteville State Multiple Use Area in Milan.
  • Trail system includes a spur to the historic Warehousen Cemetery near Hicks Hill Road.
  • Public trailhead facility at the Spruce Farm Chautauqua, located at the eastern end of the trail, includes parking, a restroom, and historic, archeological, and ecological displays. 
  • Supplementary trailhead will be located at 2290 Rt. 199, where parking will also be available.