To support the rich agricultural heritage of northern Dutchess County, the Carvel Property Development will incorporate 45.7 acres of active agricultural land on two distinct farm sites. These sites will be offered for lease to farmers for growing vegetables, grazing livestock, or for hay productions; farmers holding leases will be encouraged to use organic management practices. The proposed agricultural activities will connect visitors and residents to the area’s farming heritage, both visually and physically.

Located at the eastern edge of the project site, the proposed Spruce Farm agricultural area includes three fields totaling 20.7 acres which can be leased for growing vegetables, livestock pasture, hay production, and/or livestock breeding. The former Hedge Farm, located on Route 199 at the western end of the Carvel property, contains two additional agricultural fields totaling 24.5 acres.

Additionally, Pine Plains and project residents will have access to community gardens; there will be a 0.25 acre public community garden at the Spruce Farm Chautauqua and a second 0.25 acre garden located near the Carvel sales office for use by project residents.